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Shrink Wrap

Shrink Bundling Film

Marshall Plastic Film provides a variety of Shrink Bundling Films in narrow, medium, and wide widths that are cost effective and consistent in delivering outstanding performance. Film designs can be tailored to your exact requirements and a few samples can be trialed before commiting to a full order. Shrink Bundling Film is designed to unitize individual packages where film clarity is not important and the finished package is not 100% covered. The uncovered sides of the package leave "bullseyes" that facilitate fast shrinking and provide handles to grip the package.

Clarity Shrink Film

Marshall Plastic Film manufactures a line of Clarity Shrink Films with high clarity and gloss and relatively high stiffness and good TD shrink to be used to package products for retail sales. Often a more expensive packaging film can be replaced with this cost effective Clarity Shrink Film with excellent results.