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Pharmaceutical Bags

Marshall Plastic Film is the leading supplier of intermediate bulk packaging bags for many leading pharmaceutical companies. Our customer list includes seven of the top ten largest Pharma companies in the world.

To attract and keep their business, Marshall takes a sophisticated approach to the development, specifications and manufacture of films and liners for the healthcare products. In this way, Marshall’s high quality films and liners consistently meet the demanding standards our customers in the health care industry require.

Each of these companies conducts an audit of our operations on a regular basis. Our EU and FDA compliant resins and additives for pharmaceutical use are listed on our US (#8686) and Canadian (#2013-076) Drug Master Files. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We provide a Certificate of Conformance with each Pharma order produced including a FT-IR scan on each lot of product. We maintain full lot traceability on all raw materials. Our extrusion processes are computer monitored and controlled, and our in-house laboratory includes instruments to provide FT-IR and DSC scans.

The applications for Marshall Plastic Film products for pharmaceutical needs include:

  • Bag liners for bulk containers, antistatic available
  • Specialty films to convert to:
    • Pouches
    • Laminate to foil
    • Line trays