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Industrial Packaging

Marshall Plastic’s flexible packaging films and bags protect products of endless description and size. Each application requires a design which optimizes protection yet minimizes the thickness of the film.

The Marshall Plastic Film Re-Design Program enables the end user to select exactly the correct materials in precisely the correct form to best accomplish the packaging function, often at significantly reduced costs. High strength linear low-density resins allow thinner film to do the job of weaker materials. Typically our films can be 25 to 50% thinner than films they replace, without any change in film strength.

In addition, film can be specified to include colors in both opaque and tint types; be printed for identification, be blended with additives to provide ultra-violet protection, anti-static characteristics, moisture corrosive inhibiting abilities, high and low slip, and be non-abrasive when needed.

With today’s emphasis on reductions of packaging at the source, a Marshall Plastic Film product ensures that function and efficiency are served as well as economy. Materials specified yesterday are being replaced with today’s materials with the result that more is done with less.