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Flame Retardant

Marshall Plastic Film produces flame retardant plastic by adding a retardant to polymers to increase resistance to ignition, suppress smoke, reduce flame spread, and prevent the polymer in the film from dripping. The goal of flame retardant standards is to delay ignition and burning of the material, giving people in an affected area time to escape.  The flame retardant is also meant to limit property damage.

We test our films to conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 302 which specifies burning-resistance requirements for materials used in passenger compartments. We also test film to conform to UL 181, a standard for factory-made air ducts and air connectors. This standard is based on U.S. National Fire Protection Association standards for ventilating systems and air conditioning.

Marshall Plastic provides flame retardant plastic film for automotive interiors, some consumer products, and private and commercial building supplies.