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Our automotive plastics are high quality products that perform reliably for your masking (paint overspray) application as well as meeting other needs. We are registered and have products listed on the International Material Data System (IMDS). The high temperature protective bags and masking sheets of 1.8 mil polypropylene perform reliably in automotive paint shop bake cycles up to 315° F (157º C).

Custom and standard sizes available, Marshall Plastic’s masking film is translucent for accurate placement, compatible with all paint systems and resistant to paint flaking. The film’s softness helps prevent scratching to clear coats and reduces contamination typically associated with paper fibers.

Marshall Plastic offers automotive paint masking film in rolls of bags, perforated sheets and continuous sheeting. We ship them on special pallets in packaging that keeps the product clean and free of lint, cardboard dust and direct. The film is available in custom and standard sizes.

Custom options include:

  • Mil thickness
  • Width
  • Perforation intervals
  • Length of continuous sheeting rolls
  • Center slit rolls offer choice of slit opening wound to inside or outside
  • Folding to reduce the roll width by half (The slit opening is folded to the outside of the roll

Besides automotive applications, Marshall Plastic’s high temperature protective bags and sheets can be used to prevent overspray on truck cabs, bus and RV roof coverings; aircraft fuselage drapes, wing covering, tail covering and propeller sheets; and on rail cars and locomotives.