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Autoclave BagsAutoclave Bags

Autoclave Bags are designed to line carts and withstand the temperatures in Autoclaves. By not melting in the autoclave the bag and its contents can be easily dumped from a container or cart. The bags are designed using materials that will not melt at temperatures below 300 degrees F and that therfore will not stick to the container or cart bottoms and/or sides. We have a wide variety of sizes in autoclave bags in stock. Give us a call today to learn more.

Biohazard Bags

Biohazard Bags are used to collect items that must be rendered biologically inactive before that item can be discarded as waste.  There are standard bag colors (orange, red, yellow) for specific uses and many print configurations.  Marshall Plastic Film offers the full range of biohazard bags to meet your specific needs.