Products for a wide range of Temperature Requirements

> Automotive


> Shrink Wrap

> Industrial Packaging
> Liquid Storage
> Flame Retardant Plastic
> Polyethylene Pipe Wrap


Our extrusion processes are computer monitored and controlled.

Partnering with Marshall Plastic Film assures getting the best solution to your plastic packaging needs. Since no two applications are exactly alike, we have no off-the-shelf products. Everything will be custom-engineered to meet your individual requirements.  From Pharmaceutical bags and films that are listed on our FDA Drug Master File, to Autoclave products such as Autoclave bags, to VCI products such as VCI bags to Industrial Packaging products like Shrink films, Flame Retardant plastic sheeting and tubes and polyethylene Pipe Wrap for insulation use, Marshall custom-engineers to your standards. We do more than make plastic films. We engineer confidence.