Using the Right Flexible Packaging Bags and Film Will Save You Money


Many industries use flexible packaging films and bags to protect their products from damage in shipping and storing. It’s important to know that packaging bags and films are not one size fits all – the type of material and the size of the bag are determinations that will need to be made. It’s also important to find a plastics company that will help you to lower your costs by reducing the amount of plastic packaging you use, as well as making sure the material is durable and long lasting. When you choose us for your film and bag needs, you are able to work with us to receive customized materials that will meet all of your packaging needs. In this post we will look at three ways in which Marshall Plastic Film will help you do reduce the cost and waste associated with your plastic packaging.

1. Our plastic film is stronger

Our plastic film is extremely strong. Because of this, we are able to produce much thinner, less expensive plastic film that has the strength of film at a much higher gauge. We have been able to reduce our customer’s plastic packaging costs by about 25% without sacrificing quality and film strength.

2. Our plastic film is more durable

As stated above, our films are super strong. They’re also very durable and are able to actual endure more stress than many other plastic films and bags of the same gauge. With our products, you will see an increase in the amount of use you get out of your plastic packaging.

3. Our plastic film is versatile

Because of the unparalleled strength and durability of our plastic packaging, you will be able to package products in new, cost-saving ways. You can work to discover new processes that will save you money.

At Marshall Plastic Film, we have been an industry leader since 1972. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the absolute best service and plastic packaging products available. If you have been looking for a way to save money on packaging while not forfeiting quality, contact us today!

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