Use LiquiPac Bags, Liners, Film, and More to Store, Discharge, and Transport Liquid Products


LiquiPac bags, liners, film, and tubing are all an innovative and new way to handle the transportation, discharge, and storage of liquid products. LiquiPac liners are ideal for use with boxes, totes, drums, bags, and other FIBC containers. These LiquiPac offerings help manufacturers reduce and even completely eliminate expenses incurred from having to clean up leaking and contamination problems from liquid products.

Marshall Plastic allows you to custom design your LiquiPac product. Some of our customers require a multiple layer construction with varying materials. This will help to lower your packaging costs while actually improving your overall material handling systems. Why? Because you will be able to utilize your bags in many different applications! You will be sure to experience more efficiency in the final product AND even better, an increased profit margin on products that need custom plastic film handling solutions.

Some of the industries that utilize LiquiPac are: soaps, inks, paint, lubricants, oil, condiments, juices, chemicals, and even the pharmaceutical industry. Because of its versatility, LiquiPac can be altered in order to fit a wide range of equipment. These types of transport container equipment include things like corrugated boxes, steel totes, pail, FIBCs and more. LiquiPac is easily customizable to work with your current containers, which means you get to keep using the same equipment (that you already paid for!)

At Marshall Plastic Film, we have been a trusted provider of material handling and industrial packaging solutions for over forty years. We are proud to offer shrinkwrap, plastic, flame retardant plastics, VCI bags, and autoclave films and bags that are customizable in order to meet your needs. If you have been looking for a reliable, experienced, and trusted provider of plastic film and bags, do not hesitate to contact us today! 

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