Manage Liquid Products with LiquiPac Bags and Liners from Marshall Plastic Film


Offering new and innovative ways to create applications in the storage, transportation and discharge of liquid products, LiquiPac is a novel line of film, liners, tubing and bags. By using LiquiPac liners in combination with bags, boxes, totes, drums and other FIBC containers, manufacturers can reduce – or eliminate – expenses by cutting down on cleaning, leakage and contamination problems.

With the ability to custom design your plastic bags and liners, you can opt for multi-layer construction and employ a selection of materials. This flexibility allows you to improve your overall material handling and reduce your packaging costs by cross-utilizing your bags and liners in several types of applications. As a result, you’ll experienced better final product efficiency and – more importantly – improved profit margins on products that require custom plastic film handling solutions.

Used in a range of industries, including dairy products, inks, condiments, soaps, paints, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, juices and chemicals, LiquiPac is versatile enough to be converted to fit a range of equipment. Whether you rely on steel totes, corrugated boxes, FIBCs, pails or nearly any other type of transport container, LiquiPac can be customized to work with your existing containers, reducing adoption costs and preventing the need to source new, expensive equipment.

At Marshall Plastic Film, we’ve focused on providing effective, affordable industrial packaging and material handling solutions since 1972. Offering a wide selection of plastic, flame retardant, shrinkwrap, VCI and autoclave films, we act as a one-stop provider of bags and liners for a range of industries. If you’ve been looking for a dependable, versatile way to transport liquids inside your facility, contact us today to discuss the benefits of using LiquiPac bags and liners in your operation.

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