Shrink Bundling Film, or Shrink Wrap, from Marshall Plastic Film


Shrink bundling film, or shrink wrap as it is commonly referred, is used to securely package and protect products that are being distributed or displayed on retail shelves. Shrink wrap is a plastic material made of polymer film that shrinks up when heat is used on it. Even as other methods are being used, shrink wrap continues to be one of the most popular and cost effective way to protect and package products. Besides being cost effective, shrink wrap also helps eliminate paperboard and other materials from packaging systems in many different industries. Another great thing about shrink wrap is that it minimizes material use while increasing efficiency. Marshall Plastic Film’s shrink wrap is among the toughest and clearest looking in the industry.

Why you should choose Marshall Plastic Film for Shrink Wrap

  • You use up to 75% less material than with traditional corrugated packaging methods
  • Your product is protected from water, dirt, and other debris
  • Shrink wrap is the ideal choice for heavier products like, cases of water or pop, and soup, vegetable, or dog cans
  • We utilize a special wrapping process where the uncovered sides of the package leave “bullseyes” that facilitate quick shrinking and create handles to grip your package
  • Our shrink wrap can be customized and tailored to your needs and specifications. We will also produce a few samples for you to test before you commit to a full order.
  • Other packaging and protection methods do not have the same flexibility and efficiency as shrink wrap or shrink bundling film

At Marshall Plastic Film, we have been in the plastic film and bag industry for over 40 years. If you are looking for a supplier of high quality, cost-effective shrink wrap or shrink bundling film, do not hesitate to contact us today! 

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