Selecting the Right Plastic Film for Your Application


It’s no surprise that different applications require different solutions. Whether you’re in the medical industry and require colored biohazard bags or you need flexible plastic bags for industrial packaging, determining precisely which bags and films suit your purposes can be challenging. We have a wide range of plastic films and bags, each suited to different applications. In this post, we’re going to provide a brief overview of the different styles available from Marshall Plastic Film.

Bottom seal: Great for heavy duty use and watertight packaging, these bags are made from seamless tubing and sealed at the base.

Side weld: A good, general packaging solution, side weld plastic bags are folded at the bottom them sealed on the sides.

Perforated rolls: Requiring less room for storage, plastic bag rolls are the most convenient way to store and dispense your packaging.

Back seal: Used when you need to print graphics all the way around the packaging, these bags are sealed on the back and bottom.

Perforated lip: Best when utilized in a semi-automatic opening machine, perforated lip bags feature a cardboard header for easy manipulation.

Wicketed: Designed for semi-automatic and automatic bag openers, these bags have two holes punched into their upper lip.

Flat sheeting: In addition to plastic bags, flat sheeting can be used to supplement your existing packaging, creating lining or dividing layers.

At Marshall Plastic Film, we’ve been a leading provider of plastic film and bag solutions since 1972. Since then, we’ve constantly refined our processes, increased our offerings and dedicated ourselves to meeting the needs of the industries that we serve. To learn more about the options available from Marshall Plastic Film, take a look at our plastic film styles and formulas page and, of course, if you have any questions about our packaging solutions, feel free to contact us.

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