Save Money by Using the Correct Flexible Packaging Film and Bags


Flexible packaging films and bags are utilized in a countless number of industries to defend products against damage, guard them during shipping and store them prior to being processed. Depending on your application, different materials and sizes may be necessary. Marshall Plastic Film aims to lower your costs by reducing the amount of packaging that you need and providing you with more efficient, lasting materials. When you source your packaging film and bags from us, you are able to select the exact materials that you need in a form that best meets your packaging needs. In this post, we’re going talk about how Marshall Plastic Film can help you reduce the costs associated with your packaging processes.

1. Marshall’s plastic films are stronger

Because our plastic film and bags are stronger, you can use a thinner – less expensive – gauge to accomplish the same tasks. This can allow you to reduce your plastic film and bag costs by 25% or more without sacrificing film strength.

2. Our films are more durable

Due to their increased strength, our bags are able to endure more punishment than competing plastic bags of the same thickness. As a result, you’ll get more use out of them and, more importantly, won’t be forced to discard products due to them tearing through their packaging.

3. Our plastic films are versatile

The strength and durability of our plastic packaging products allows you to find new and innovative ways to solve your packaging problems. Since you can package products in ways that you previously couldn’t, you aren’t limited to the same old routines and, instead, can focus on developing more effective, cost-efficient methods.

At Marshall Plastic Film, we’ve been leading the industry in the creation of innovative plastic packaging since our founding in 1972. ISO 9001 certified and committed to providing our clients with the best service available, we’ll work with you to solve your packaging problems. If you’ve been looking for a trustworthy, experienced partner to provide you with plastic film and bags, give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.

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