Minimize Costs and Maximize Protection with Custom Industrial Packaging


When you’re investigating new packaging options for your products, there are a lot of variables that can influence your decision. Material properties, custom design elements and protective features must all be considered if you plan to make an informed, effective decision about your industrial packaging. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at the options available from Marshall Plastic Film and, hopefully, help you select the perfect industrial packaging solution for your product.

Select the materials you need

High strength linear low-density resins allow us to create thinner films that perform at the same level as thicker, more expensive films. When selecting a material with us, you’re able to weigh the costs versus the benefits. In most cases, we’re able to save you money by utilizing a film that is 25% to 50% thinner, without compromising on film strength.

Select your printing and coloring options

From opaque to transparent, tinted to natural and printed to plain, Marshall Plastic Film can help you personalize your packaging and tailor it to suit your product. Whether you’d like your company’s branded imagery printed onto your industrial films and bags or you require a transparent material that shows off your product’s features, we can provide the plastic film that you need.

Select your protective features

With the ability to blend our formulas with additives that provide ultra-violet protection, anti-static characteristics, non-abrasive qualities and moisture corrosive inhibiting abilities, we can create an industrial packaging solution that doesn’t just contain, it protects.

At Marshall Plastic Film, we’ve been providing industrial clients with custom packaging solutions since 1972. With our wide range of abilities and our experienced personnel, we’re able to service the demands of countless industries and applications. If you’ve been looking for a proven, reliable provider of the industry’s best plastic films and bags, contact us today to learn more about the products that we offer.

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