The Material Matters


It doesn’t seem like it would take a lot of thought or effort to select the right plastic film or plastic packaging, however, there are definitely more options than you may think. This is why it’s very important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer. An experienced company will be able to work with you to determine what is going to work best for your product while making sure to be as cost effective as possible. In this post, we will look at the main three categories to look at when deciding what plastic film or packaging is right for you.


We use high strength linear low-density resins which means our films can be much thinner and perform at the same capacity as thicker, more expensive films made by other manufacturers.  When selecting a material with us, you’re able to weigh the costs versus the benefits. Most of the time, we’re able to save you money with films that are 25% to 50% thinner without losing strength and quality.

Coloring and printing options

Depending on the product, it can be important to worry about the aesthetics of your packaging. You will want to look at things such as whether the material is transparent or opaque, tinted or natural, or printed or plain. For some products it’s important to have the brand name big and bold while other times you may want a simple, clear plastic that shows off the product without obstruction.

Protective features

With the ability to blend our formulas with additives that provide UV protection, reduce or eliminate static, contain non-abrasive qualities and moisture corrosive inhibiting abilities, we can create an industrial packaging solution that protects as well as it packages.

At Marshall Plastic Film, we have been providing industrial clients with custom packaging solutions like VCI bags and films for over forty years. We are a trusted manufacturer of custom industrial packaging and have the skills and expertise necessary to exceed your expectations! 


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