Make It Simple with our Autoclave and Biohazard Bags


Marshall Plastic Film provides a variety of specialty bags and liners to the medical community, including autoclave liners and biohazard bags. These autoclave liners protect the bins and containers from the high temperatures of the Autoclave sterilization process. Our autoclave bags are specifically made to line carts and not melt into them while in the autoclave temperature range, making its contents easily dumped from the container with no sticking. These bags were created to withstand up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. We also offer this material in the form of biohazard bags with multiple printing options and the typical orange, red, and yellow color variety that can be modified for specific uses.

Our autoclave liners make the changeover from the autoclave to the shredder a flawless transition. With our liners you can stop worrying about the additional melted bag cleanup that comes with using the autoclave and only worry about disposing of the waste inside. Some benefits it has in the bag are an extended life cycle for your carts, the reduction of wear and tear on your bin by making the waste dump easy to manage, and it reduces your chance of occupation exposure. It also helps to eliminate the odor that comes with garbage and waste build-up.

 Marshall Plastic Films make the bag selection process easier by helping you choose the correct bag for the right function in the size you need when you need it. We can also provide you with bags that only have the features you need with those unnecessary additions, which reduces your overall bag costs. In addition to these great perks, you can choose how you want your bags packaged – individual pouches, by the box, or on a roll.

Our recommended procedure for autoclaved waste is to place all biohazardous waste to be autoclaved in a red or orange bag. Before it is autoclaved, cross out the bag’s biohazard symbol with heat sensitive autoclave tap. Once it has been autoclaved, we suggest marking it with a decontaminated sticker prior to disposal in the normal garbage area and only using red or orange back for specifically biohazard waste items.

Marshall Plastic Film makes your job easier by providing your business with the types of bags and liners it needs. With our high-temperature autoclave liners and biohazard bags, you can be rest assured that your waste will be the only mess you have to dump from your autoclave. 

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