How the Right VCI Bags, Plastic Film, and Pharmaceutical Bags will Save You Money


There are countless industries that use VCI bags, plastic film, and pharmaceutical bags to ensure protection of their products in shipping and storage. Most of our customers know that plastic packaging bags and plastic film can vary on many different levels and are not one size fits all. There are many different variations that use different materials and sizing depending on the needs of the customer. Using just the right size plastic packaging will ensure that you are not using more material than is necessary and driving up your costs. Another way to save money is to work with a plastics manufacturer that uses durable materials that are long lasting. In this post, we will look at a few ways Marshall Plastic film will help you reduce waste which in turn saves you money.

1.  Strength

Because of the incredible strength of our plastic material we’re able to use less of it. We can provide you with the protection and strength you need at a much lower gauge that is less expensive than its high gauge counterparts. In fact, we are able to reduce your costs by about 25% while maintaining plastic film quality and strength.

2. Durability

With the extreme of our plastic comes unmatched durability. The plastic materials we use are able to handle a lot more stress than other plastics that are the same gauge.

3. Versatility

You will have the ability to package your products in new, innovative, and cost saving ways because of the strength and durability of our plastic materials discussed above. This also means discovering new processes that will save you money.

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