Flame Retardant Plastics from Marshall Plastic Film


Flame retardant plastic film works by inhibiting and delaying the spread of fire through suppression of chemical reactions within the film. At Marshall Plastic Film, we add a retardant to the polymers which increases resistance to ignition, reduces the spread of flames, suppresses smoke, and prevents the polymer in the film from dripping. The overall goal of flame retardant is to prevent or delay ignition and burning which gives people and animals, who are in proximity to the fire, time to escape safely. Besides allowing time for people and animals to flee, flame retardant plastic film also helps to limit property damage.

Our films are tested and meet Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 302 which lists specific burning resistance requirements for materials that are used in passenger compartments. Our film must also meet the requirements of UL81 which is a standard for all factory made air ducts and air connectors and is based on US National Fire Protection Association standards for air conditioning and ventilating systems.

At Marshall Plastic Film, we provide flame retardant plastic film for automotive interiors, consumer products, and commercial and residential building supplies. We are ISO 9001 certified which means that we fulfill our contracts to our customers in regards to our product design and production specifications. If you are in the market for high quality flame retardant plastic film, do not hesitate to contact Marshall Plastic Film. 

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