Films and Liners for the Healthcare Industry

pharmaceutical packaging bags

As a leading supplier of intermediate bulk packaging bags for a number of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, Marshall Plastic Film is committed to producing high quality, dependable packaging solutions that exceed their customers’ requirements. Whether it’s for Pfizer, Paddock Laboratories, Eli Lilly or AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, we pay attention to every detail, leverage the power of multiple state-of-the-art technologies and implement various testing procedures that ensure that our clients receive a consistent, reliable product that eliminates risk in packaging.

Our in-house testing lab

Marshall’s in-house lab gives us the capability to test our plastic film bags for any defects or impurities. From using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy to identify the presence of foreign compounds to using differential scanning calorimetry to determine our products’ thermal transitions, we run our pharmaceutical packaging bags through a gamut of tests to confirm that they are capable of meeting our clients’ needs.

Responsive research and development

Whether you need bag liners for bulk containers, antistatic pouches, line trays or more, our research and development team can custom engineer a solution for any application. With the constantly evolving landscape of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, you deserve a partner that stays on top of the latest developments. Marshall Plastic Film’s dedication to cutting edge product development ensures that, whatever need may arise, we are ready to help you address it.

Certified and transparent

Every company that Marshall works with performs regular audits of our operation. On top of that, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified and provide a Certificate of Conformance with every pharmaceutical order. We know that, at the end of the day, our reputation is built upon the excellence and reliability of our products. We give our clients all of the tools and assurances necessary to confirm our unflinching commitment to delivering only the highest quality packaging solutions.

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