Experience Custom Engineering at Marshall Plastic Film


Your plastic packaging needs are sure to be met by partnering with Marshall Plastic Film. We know that no two plastic applications are exactly the same, which means we don’t have any off the shelf products. We custom engineer all of our plastic packaging to meet your exact requirements. In the beginning our focus was on low density flexible packaging – primarily what other manufacturers would use to package their products.  Over the years, we became one of the first to become equipped to extrude high percentage linear low density blends.

Whether you are in need of pharmaceutical bags and films that are in our FDA Drug Master File or VCI products such as VCI bags or autoclave products like autoclave bags or industrial packaging like shrink wrap films or even polyethylene pipe wrap for insulation and plastic sheeting and tubes that are flame retardant, we custom engineer to your standards each and every time.

At Marshall Plastic Film, our motto is that we do more than make plastic films – we engineer confidence. Marshall Plastic Film, located in Southwestern Michigan, is a privately held company that is equal distance from Chicago, Illinois, and Detroit. We have been providing our customers with the highest quality plastic film and bags for over forty five years. We have gained our ISO 1900 certification, which means that our quality management system is well run and effective. 

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