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Laboratory Safety with Biohazard Waste Disposal and Autoclave Bags


Maintaining a sterile environment is key to running a successful laboratory. Whether you’re dealing with biohazardous materials or dangerous substances, finding a reliable way to dispose of your laboratory’s waste is an important step in ensuring that it stays clean and efficient. Marshall Plastic Film’s flexible line of autoclave bags and biohazard bags are an excellent solution to this common problem, allowing you to focus on your more essential lab duties by reducing the amount of worry and labor involved with maintaining a sanitary workplace.

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What You Need to Know About the Autoclave Sterilization Process


An autoclave is basically a heated pressure chamber. They're most commonly used in the medical industry to perform sterilization of medical devices. Autoclaves are able to sterilize equipment and supplies in autoclave bags by killing microorganisms with high pressure steam. Autoclave bags can withstand heat well over the 121℃ temperature used in autoclaving machines. In this post we'll go over the standard autoclave cycle which can vary based on the materials being sterilized.

Tags: Autoclave Bags