How the Right VCI Bags, Plastic Film, and Pharmaceutical Bags will Save You Money


There are countless industries that use VCI bags, plastic film, and pharmaceutical bags to ensure protection of their products in shipping and storage. Most of our customers know that plastic packaging bags and plastic film can vary on many different levels and are not one size fits all. There are many different variations that use different materials and sizing depending on the needs of the customer. Using just the right size plastic packaging will ensure that you are not using more material than is necessary and driving up your costs. 

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Marshall Plastic Film’s Lab Services Works With You to Create the Perfect Plastic Materials for Your Application


It’s important to find the best material that you require to meet your exact specifications. There are many options available, including flame-retardant, VCI, side-weld, and perforated – this makes it difficult for a buyer to weigh the advantages of every plastic film variation. Luckily, Marshall Plastic Film has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you in making the best possible decision. Our laboratory services provide you with extensive, on-site testing that will make your decision simple and clear. In this post, we will look at what we offer and how we can help you to make the best decision on what plastic materials and products you should use for your application. 

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Flame Retardant Plastics from Marshall Plastic Film


Flame retardant plastic film works by inhibiting and delaying the spread of fire through suppression of chemical reactions within the film. At Marshall Plastic Film, we add a retardant to the polymers which increases resistance to ignition, reduces the spread of flames, suppresses smoke, and prevents the polymer in the film from dripping. The overall goal of flame retardant is to prevent or delay ignition and burning which gives people and animals, who are in proximity to the fire, time to escape safely. Besides allowing time for people and animals to flee, flame retardant plastic film also helps to limit property damage. 

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How to Choose Proper Plastic Film for Your Application


It's important to use the correct plastic packaging solution for your specific application. Whether you're in an industry that requires color coded packaging like the medical industry or you need extremely durable, flexible bags for industrial packaging, finding the right plastic bag is not always easy. We offer a wide array of plastic film and bags for every industry. In this post, we will briefly look at the different plastic packaging options we have available.

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Transport, Store, and Discharge Liquid Products with Marshall’s LiquiPac Products


LiquiPac bags, film, tubing, and liners provide an innovative and effective new way to transport, discharge, and store liquid products. Marshall Plastic Film’s LiquiPac products can make a huge difference to your bottom line by reducing and even completely eliminating costs incurred from the clean up and contamination problems associated with leaking liquid products. 

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Transport, Store and Discharge Liquid Products with LiquiPac Bags and Liners


Offering new and innovative ways to create applications in the storage, transportation and discharge of liquid products, LiquiPac is a novel line of film, liners, tubing and bags. By using LiquiPac liners in combination with bags, boxes, totes, drums and other FIBC containers, manufacturers can reduce – or eliminate – expenses by cutting down on cleaning, leakage and contamination problems.

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Using the Right Materials for Your Custom Industrial Packaging


It doesn’t seem like it would take a lot of thought or effort to select the right plastic film or plastic packaging, however, there are definitely more options than you may think. This is why it’s very important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer. An experienced company will be able to work with you to determine what is going to work best for your product while making sure to be as cost effective as possible. In this post, we will look at the main three categories to look at when deciding what plastic film or packaging is right for you. 

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Shrink Bundling Film, or Shrink Wrap, from Marshall Plastic Film


Shrink bundling film, or shrink wrap as it is commonly referred, is used to securely package and protect products that are being distributed or displayed on retail shelves. Shrink wrap is a plastic material made of polymer film that shrinks up when heat is used on it. Even as other methods are being used, shrink wrap continues to be one of the most popular and cost effective way to protect and package products. Besides being cost effective, shrink wrap also helps eliminate paperboard and other materials from packaging systems in many different industries. Another great thing about shrink wrap is that it minimizes material use while increasing efficiency. Marshall Plastic Film’s shrink wrap is among the toughest and clearest looking in the industry. 

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Transcendia Acquires Marshall Plastics


Transcendia, a leader in custom engineered materials for critical product components in a wide range of markets and applications, today completed the acquisition of Marshall Plastic Film. The acquisition broadens Transcendia's material science expertise, industry leading service, and extensive technology platform into engineered polyethylene films.

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