VCI Bags Can Save You Money

If you work in an industry that deals with metal parts and pieces that may rust, then you understand how costly rusting can be to a company. Between throwing out parts which have rusted or having to rework the parts through acid washes or sandblasting, you end up losing both time and money working on parts that shouldn’t have rusted in the first place. Whether parts are rusting in your warehouse or while being put through a shipment, consider using VCI bags to save your company money and to save you from a lot of unnecessary work.

VCI Bags (also known as Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor bags) are ideal for companies that work with a lot of metal parts because they are 100% effective at preventing rust. When used correctly, VCI bags keep excess moisture and vapors from reaching your products. Whether you realize it or not, this is a huge concern for your parts at any given point in time. Moisture could be present in the warehouse where you keep your parts, or it could reach the parts while they are out on the road being shipped to your customers. Either way, regular boxes, plastic bags or other packaging methods just won’t cut it. You need VCI bags to ensure that your parts are all safe and sound and that you won’t lose products unnecessarily due to corrosion or rust.

Why are VCI bags so effective? It’s because they are specially engineering using sophisticated methods and materials that keep every last bit of moisture away from your metal parts. This is a surefire way to make sure that none of your products goes to waste while also making sure that your customers are happy with the quality of your parts upon arrival. Consider getting VCI bags for all of your metal products, and watch as the financial losses are quickly reduced thanks to this rust-preventing tool.